Small Voices get ready for Weyburn's Communithon event

The members of the Small Voices of Grace choir practised singing and doing the actions to a song about Jonah and the whale in preparation for a performance at the Communithon fundraiser broadcast on Friday, Oct. 25. This group, along with Spirit of Grace, will perform between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. on stage at the Weyburn Legion Hall, where Communithon is being held this year. The fundraiser is in support of 11 community agencies.

During Communithon itself, to be held on Friday, Oct. 25 at the Weyburn Legion, there will be special surprises throughout the day and familiar faces from the past gracing the stage.

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Residents who want to share their favourite Communithon memory can upload a comment on the website at

The committee is encouraging everyone to come out to Communithon this year to celebrate in person. The organizers have something anniversary-themed planned for the opening ceremonies at 8 a.m., and want to end with a blast for the closing ceremonies at 11 p.m., so people are encouraged to come down to the Legion and pack the hall for to start and end the day at the Communithon finale.

The committee is calling all businesses and organizations to join the Community Business and Service Club Challenge to boost the donations and fun at the Communithon. They are being asked to provide 10 minutes of entertainment during the evening events, such as a song, skit, or whatever your group comes up with. This does not have to be high calibre stuff. (But it can be!)

Join the challenge by completing the online application to entertain at www.communithon.