Tickets on sale for Shrek the Musical

Tickets are now on sale for the virtual performances of Shrek the Musical Junior. Students and staff in the Senior Musical Theatre program at the Weyburn Comprehensive filmed and edited this production.

Tanya Cameron, director and music theatre teacher at the WCS, said many senior musical students were interested in filming a virtual musical this year, after the Junior Musical students had so much success with Beauty and the Beast Junior.

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“We felt that we all needed a laugh this year, so decided on Shrek the Musical,” said Cameron. Other benefits of the musical were there were so many characters many students had duplicate roles.

There will be matinee shows of Shrek the Musical on June 22 to June 28, held virtually at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., and there are six evening shows from June 25 to June 30 at 7:30 p.m. The show itself is roughly one hour and 20 minutes in length.

Tickets are available online at and cost $20.

“There is tons of acting in this musical,” said Cameron. “Many of the students tried different voices to emulate their characters.”

The cast includes: Storytellers - Risa Burdan, Krystalynn Lascelle, Keely O’Neill; Mama Ogre - Tori Mahnke; Papa Ogre - Dalton Chicoine; Little Ogre - Janayah Tichkowsky; Shrek – Dalton Chicoine; Captain of the Guards – Dalton Chicoine; Pinocchio – Krystalynn Lascelle; Big Brad Wolf – Russ Shumlich; Three Pigs – Kristen Fortune, Kate Goranson, Keely O’Neill; Wicked Witch – Chloe Drader; Peter Pan – Jenai Lokken; Tinkerbell – Janayah Tichkowsky; Ugly Duckling – Owen Burdan; Mama Bear – Tori Mahnke; Papa Bear – Dalton Chicoine; Baby Bear – Zoe Tichkowsky; Donkey – Liam Evans; Lord Farquaad – Owen Burdan; Gingy – Chloe Drader; Young Fiona – Lindsay VanDeWeyer; Teen Fiona – Risa Burdan; Princess Fiona – Jayda Cameron, and Puss in Boots – Janayah Tichkowsky.

The director and videographer was Tanya Cameron, who also provided costumes. Video editing was done by Tanya Cameron, Dion Krynewich, Holly Butz, Colton Lund and Wilf Lendrum.

Tanya Cameron created the virtual set design, Jaime Deane and Leah Fornwald completed sewing and costume alterations, and Tanya Cameron, Dion Hrynewich, Yvonne Whitrow, Mary Astalos and Marcia Johnson were in charge of promotions. Kyla Moffatt was in charge of program design. Costume rentals were courtesy of Bernice Tice of Regina.

Rehearsals for Shrek the Musical started when Tanya Cameron was editing Beauty and the Beast. All the rehearsals were held virtually on Teams, and students were asked to record their songs while at home, and then email Tanya the audio file.

Then individually, the students started filming at the school, the actions and choreography of the songs in front of either a green screen or blue screen.

“Since many of the characters were green skinned, we had to have two different options for backgrounds,” explained Cameron.

It took a three-week process to assemble the entire individual filming into a scene, and place characters together so they fit the background.