Weyburn artist selected as winner of Arts Council mural project

The Weyburn Arts Council is proud to announce the winning design for our large, public art mural project. The winning design was created by Jonnae Haupstein.

Jonnae will also be awarded $1,000 by the Weyburn Arts Council as a prize. 

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The mural design contest was announced on January 16th. It was open to all residents of Weyburn and surrounding area.

The finished mural will measure 24 by 18 feet. The Arts Council was looking for graphic, colourful designs that looked to the future for Weyburn.

The mural was to be painted during the annual Show and Shine. The new plan now is to create the mural as a community during the Culture Days celebration scheduled for September 25 and 25.

The mural will be created as a giant Paint by Number. Members of Weyburn Arts Council will prepare the mural boards, paint the outlines, and number each area.

During the creation event, jar of premixed and numbered paint will be available to anyone wishing to take part.

The mural will be painted onto the side of a building downtown on Second Street, adjacent to the open lot used by the City for the outdoor skating rink.