Weyburn Arts Council to announce new public art project

The Weyburn Arts Council invites all members of the public who have an interest in art to come out for an announcement on Thursday, Jan. 16, of a new public art project.

The evening will include a discussion about the importance of public art, with examples of public art projects from around the world to be shown.

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Curator Regan Lanning said they will go over how the public can become involved in a public project, and will set out design specifications and guidelines for anyone who would like to submit a design that people could work on.

“We are announcing a design contest that night, as well as announcing the location of the finished project,” said Lanning, who noted that the time line for the contest will be discussed, along with how it will be made and installed.

“It was an idea we had been kicking around for a while,” she said, noting that hearing at the recent public forum that others would also be interested in such a project “made us kick it up a gear or two.”

Refreshments will be served at the meeting, and anyone who has an interest in taking part is welcome to attend.