Weyburn singer, dancer and actress completes final year at Randolph Academy

Weyburn’s Keisha Mowchenko recently completed her final year at Toronto’s Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, which included having a leading role in a critically acclaimed production of “The Drowsy Chaperone” and being selected as class valedictorian. For the past two years, Keisha has received professional training in the Triple Threat skills of dancing, singing, and acting with the Randolph Academy.
“The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts is a tiny little career college in downtown Toronto that is located in an old church, that has been remodeled to include a few studios. Only 150 students are accepted into the school at one time,” said Mowchenko. “The focus of the school is Triple Threat training, which includes dancing, singing and acting.”
“I have always loved to sing, it was a passion of mine for a long time,” said Mowchenko. “But I didn’t realize there was an industry where you could study all three.”
“I didn’t know about the whole stage industry for a while, but once I had some experience on the stage something clicked and I knew that was what I wanted to do.” After graduating Grade 12 from the Weyburn Comp, Mowchenko had applied for a couple of different schools that offered Triple Threat training.
“My first exposure to musicals was in Grade 4, after my family moved to Weyburn, where I was taught by Colleen Weimer at Assiniboia Park Elementary School. That year we did ‘Treasure Island’, and I just knew that it was the greatest thing that I had ever done. Then I just kept getting involved in different musicals and knew that I wanted to continue with my love for musical theatre.”
Now that she has graduated from the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Mowchenko will be leaving for Surrey, England, where she will taking her Masters in Musical Theatre at the University of Surrey.
“I would love to make a career out of musical theatre. As performers, you have to take whatever work you can get in film, or music videos, or stage productions, or commercials. I would love to be in musicals, and my dream is to get work in London after I am done school there,” said Mowchenko.
She does have a back-up plan of getting work in Toronto, since she realizes that getting a work visa for London can be difficult. “I would love to contribute to the bringing up of the Canadian theatre industry.”

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