Meet the Concert Jam bands-Rock Candy

Hosted by Weyburn and the United Way, the community concert event is sure to provide you with entertainment. Seven bands are scheduled to perform throughout the day with a variety of genres to be expected. Each band is unique and has their own story.

Rock Candy is and all genres cover bands.  From country to disco, the band plays whatever will get you dancing; in fact that’s the main purpose of the band. They want everyone from eight years old to 80, to be up on their feet and grooving.

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Three years ago the group formed after Nicole Kanezacek and two of her other band members discovered their now lead female singer, Brooke Nickel, who was only 18 at the time. With the help of an agency called Fine Gold Entertainment, the ensemble was made with musicians from across Saskatchewan.

Band members include Nicole Kanezacek(Keyboard and backup singer), Niel Kanezacek(Drums), Michael Barret(Lead guitar and lead male vocals), Brooke Nickel(Lead female vocals) and Irvin Finef(Bass).

 The team of musicians mainly perform at corporate gigs such as World Curling Tours or in Banff on New Year’s Eve. They live to entertain you and all they ask from you is that when you’re hosting an event, that they come first to mind for entertainment.

Nicole Kanezacek said Rock Candy is looking forward to seeing familiar faces and listening to the other bands while at the Concert Jam. She hopes their performance will bring positivity and spread energy.

From 1-10p.m. the bands will perform at the Cugnet Centre on Saturday, August 25th. Tickets are available at Music Craft, Old Fashioned Foods, and Weyburn Review/Weyburn This Week.