New art exhibits on display in galleries

There are three new art exhibits on display at Weyburn’s art galleries for the months of March and April, curated by Regan Lanning of the Weyburn Arts Council.

The 2018 art adjudication winners for Weyburn will have works on display in the Allie Griffin Art Gallery at the Weyburn Public Library.

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The artists include Erin Sidloski, Hannah Grieve and Rickee-Lee Webster, and their works will be on display from now to April 8, and April 15-30.

At the Signal Hill Arts Centre, members of the Weyburn Arts Council have an exhibit on display called, “What is WAC?”

The Weyburn Arts Council includes chair Ashley Fisher, vice-chair Chris Borshowa, Tanya Musk, Carol Reeve, Jessica Payette, Krista Klemmer, Elisa Fawcett ad Linda Aitken.

The Weyburn Credit Union Gallery will feature art by Carley Istace, called “Robot Compendium”, and features some of the art works of robots that have entered in recent years at the People’s Choice art competition.