A prize worth over 40 years of shooting

Able to shoot 800 rounds a day dead on and 100 rounds a day perfectly, it’s no wonder hometown shooter, Gord Hulbert, has found great success in shooting competitions.

Hulbert has won big name titles such as the Western Canadian Championships in 2016 and the California Regional Championship in 2017. He even represented Saskatchewan in the World Championships in 2017.

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Most recently, Hulbert won the Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Associations competition in Nokomis. This earned him a Governor General’s Award to put under his belt.

In a typical competition, competitors shoot targets from 300 meters to 1,000 yards, and long range 1,100 to 1,200 yards. They shoot two for sighters and then 15 on score or 20 on score. Generally, this means two shots for practice and then 15 or 20 shots that are counted for and recorded for score.

Hulbert’s passion for the sport stemmed from the Weyburn Rifle Ranch in 1976 when he saw Art Wallace shooting with a jacket and a sling and he’s been doing it ever since.

When asked why he competes, Hulbert said, “Camaraderie, and some people golf, some people shoot.”

Going forward for Hulbert, he simply just wants to shoot. During the winter he visits California and shoots for three months out of the four months he’s there. In the summer time he shoots here in Weyburn, Ottawa and Manitoba.