Credit Union, Oilwomen donate to Envision

Weyburn Credit Union (WCU) is celebrating 75 years in 2019 and celebrating all year long.  As part of their celebrations, staff were invited to wear jeans on Fridays in 2019; in return, each staff member donated $75 to Envision for the privilege.  Weyburn Credit Union decided to top up the amount to an even $7,500 to celebrate their 75 years.

Because Envision Counselling and Support Centre celebrated their 25th anniversary in May, WCU partnered with Weyburn Oilwomen to plan something special to help Envision Counselling celebrate. To show support and thank them for their 25 years of service, WCU and Weyburn Oilwomen arranged a city-wide Denim for Donations month and invited all local businesses to participate. Everyone who participated made a donation of $5 to Envision Counselling to wear jeans to work each Friday in May; a total of $25 to celebrate 25 years. An additional $2,500 was raised through the Denim for Donations initiative.  Without donors, Envision Counselling could not provide the variety of services that they offer in the Southeast and that service is so important to our community.

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In the photo, from left to right, are Abby Kradovill, Weyburn Oilwomen; Pamela Anderson, Alex Roettger and Tana Torkelson of the Weyburn Credit Union; executive director Christa Daku, assistant executive director Lynda Rideout, Elizabeth Lambe and Lori Wolstenholme of Envision.

WCU and Weyburn Oilwomen would like to thank these local businesses and their staff for their generosity and support of Envision Counselling:

·       Cogent CPA LLP

·       Haig School

·       NSWB

·       Weyburn Eye Care

·       Barber Motors

·       The Family Place

·       MNP LLP

When asked why they chose Envision Counselling, Tana Torkelson, VP of Marketing remarked, “We so admire the work this organization does. There is such a need for these types of services and never enough funding so we are happy to help them with the great work they are doing.”  She added, “I thought it was fascinating we donated $7,500 to celebrate our 75 years and with the help of the Weyburn Oilwomen raised $2,500 to celebrate Envision Counselling’s 25 years!”