Entrepreneurship students hear business advice at event

A group of 10 Entrepreneurship 30 students and their teacher, Margot Arnold, attended the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame event in Regina on April 17 where former premier Brad Wall was honoured, and provided some advice to the business people and students in attendance.

The event also provided an opportunity for the three Junior Achievement companies to sell some of their products and gain some exposure for their efforts.

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“Each of the companies got to set up at the Delta, and business people mingled around, bought some stuff and asked questions of the students,” said Arnold.

The group included representatives of the current companies, plus four students from last semester’s Junior Achievement companies.

The companies which have launched for this semester include Balanced Jewelry, which sells necklaces and chains for men and women; Forevergreen, which makes small and large cement planters; and Coast2Coast, which makes wooden coasters out of ash, birch or poplar wood.

The former premier was honoured for his contributions to the province after a decade leading the Saskatchewan Party, and there were also comments from people who had gone through the Junior Achievement program, including one who is about to graduate from the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina.

Wall spoke to the group, sharing his experience and business expertise, and took questions from the floor along with emcee Costas Maragos. Arnold noted that Comp student Draven May was able to ask a question of the former premier.