Getting harvest done in the Weyburn region

Farmers were combining their fields on Saturday as they took advantage of the good fall weather to make some progress in harvest operations.

There were three combines on this field, located between Ralph and Halbrite near Highway 39, with many producers out on their land working to get this year’s crops off the field.

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The harvest in the southeast region was 62 per cent completed as of Thursday, according to Sask. Agriculture’s crop report, with harvest at 71 per cent in the Weyburn crop district (2A), and 64 per cent done in the Radville-Lake Alma-Minton district (3ASE).

Topsoil moisture in the Weyburn crop district was reported to have 100 per cent surplus topsoil moisture at this time.

The majority of crop damage was due to lodging, localized flooding, strong winds and frost, with reports of geese and wildlife feeding on swaths. Much of the grain is coming off the fields tough or damp and is being placed into grain dryers and aeration bins.