Lomond 4-H Club holds steak fry, activity

The Lomond 4-H Club had a big auction and steak fry at the Tribune Community Hall on April 6. It included members of the Beef Club, Homecrafts Club and the Light Horse Club.

The kids needed to be involved so they made a job list everyone had to sign. The kids had different shifts to work for the night. The jobs included working at the door, helping with the 50/50 draw, clearing tables, and washing dishes.

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There were lots of hamburgers, coleslaw, potatoes, raw vegetables, salads and steak. For dessert there were cinnamon buns, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and much much more. 

When the auction started, they auctioned baskets of baking and tools, or doing yard work and chores for half a day to a full day of work. All the money raised goes to the 4-H Club for lots of different expenses. 

The Club was thankful for all of the buyers and people who participated. When it started to quiet down, the club members helped clean the floor, tables and picked up chairs.

Some people were probably wondering what was happening in Tribune as they drove by. Well, it was the fun, hardworking, 4-H Steak fry and Auction Sale.

The Lomond 4-H Homecrafts Club met up with Sheila Thackeray at her farm on April 5. The activity that day was called Diamond Dotz.

To make the Diamond Dotz, the 4-Hers used a stylus filled with a pink gel, which then can pick up the little coloured jewels that go on a sticky fabric sheet. 

Sometimes the colours can get confusing, so that's why the members labelled little bags or containers with that colour.

“You can tell where the colours will go on your sheet because they give you a pattern or number code on the side of your sticky fabric. When we finished our fabric sheets, Sheila brought out some snacks for when we were hungry,” said Homecrafts member Raina Lohse.

As there was a bit more time left before they had to go, Sheila gave them an extreme Dot-To-Dot with 611 dots to find. When it was time to leave, they helped clean up and left for home.