Melted Treasures wraps up successful venture

Melted Treasures, a WCS Junior Achievement company, began in Entrepreneurship 30 with the idea of producing and selling “surprise” candles on April 7. From beginning to end, 383 candles were produced and sales ended on June 12, and the company was dissolved on June 20 at the final shareholders’ board meeting.

The student company board for Melted Treasures gathered in the boardroom at Southeast College. In the back row from left are Madison Hillstead, Austin LeBlanc, Ethan Petersen, Kelsi Shipley, Carter Brown and Holden Kopec. In the middle row are teacher Margot Arnold, Vivian Huang, Jessica Dixon, Chris Gia Fesalbon and Kyla Kater. In front are Hannah Niemegeers, co-presidents Mackenna Glennie and Jorgia Johner, and Abbey Johnson. Missing was Alexandra Martindale.

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Members of the company attended a variety of events such as Dance Nation, a dance competition in Regina, and the Spring Sensation Show and Sale Trade Show at Knox Hall at the beginning of May.

At the beginning, the students decided to donate 20 per cent of profits to two non-profit organizations, with 10 per cent of profits going to the Canadian Mental Health Association, Weyburn branch. The other 10 per cent of profits went to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, which helps sick or premature babies in the  NICU.

“Our total donation to each organization was $628.29 to the Canadian Mental Health Association and $628.29 to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation,” said the report.

“Our goal for our 500ml candles was to sell 100, in which our company succeeded after approximately six weeks of selling. In total we sold 254 large candles. Our goal for 250ml candles was 150, in which our company got very close to with a total sale of 129. Our sales of the 500ml candles makes up for not reaching our goal for the 25oml candles. Each company member did an excellent job of accomplishing that as well as some going above and beyond,” the co-presidents wrote.