Sask. Wheat commits $1.9M for research

The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) has committed $1.9 million to support wheat research projects funded under the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) in 2019. Saskatchewan’s Minister of Agriculture, David Marit, announced the funding at CropSphere 2020.

“The ADF funding process is a key mechanism to connect researchers and wheat breeders with Saskatchewan’s wheat producers, keeping producers involved in developing new varieties and finding solutions to pests, diseases and environmental stressors,” said Ken Rosaasen, Sask Wheat Director and Research Committee member. “These projects will allow Sask Wheat to continue to achieve our mandate of maximizing returns on producer check-off investments and building long-term, sustainable growth for the industry.”

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Sask Wheat has committed over $9.3 million to projects process since 2014.