SaskPower reminds farmers to ‘Look up and live’ during seeding

With over half of farm safety incidents happening between April and June, SaskPower is reminding farmers to take the extra time to “Look up and live” while working around overhead power lines. It could prevent serious injury or death.

SaskPower reports more than 300 incidents involving farm equipment contacting overhead power lines each year, all of which are preventable.

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“Farm machinery is bigger than ever. Be sure to take your time, know your equipment and identify the risks before you start your work,” said Kevin Schwing, director of safety at SaskPower. “Be aware of overhead power lines while crossing fields and farm yards.”

The following tips were offered for anyone operating large machinery near power lines to prevent line contacts.

• Identify risks and plan a route before heading out;

• Use a spotter for a second set of eyes at ground level;

• Know how big the machinery is and retract all adjustable equipment;

• Avoid working while fatigued, and take routine breaks;

• Be sure you’re digging safely by visiting or calling 1-866-828-4888

SaskPower is also increasing funding to the Farmyard Line Relocation program, and the Rural Rebuild program, which will help move power lines from farm fields and farm yards to ultimately reduce the risk of contact with farm machinery.

For more information on electrical safety, and for steps to take should a line contact occur, visit