SE Sask. Oilman of the Year awarded

The Southeast Saskatchewan Oilman of the Year award was presented to Dennis Day of Fast Trucking at the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show on Wednesday evening in the Weyburn Curling Rink. From left to right are MLA Dustin Duncan, Dennis Day, Oil Show chairman Del Mondor and vice-chair Dan Cugnet.

(Profile written by Brian Zinchuk, Pipeline News)

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Dennis Day was born and raised in Carnduff, Saskatchewan to Tony and Vi Day. Along with siblings, Linda, Teresa and Larry, Dennis was raised in a trailer that was kept at his uncle’s farm yard or at the rig. They eventually moved onto the land that is now the Fast Trucking Service yard.

Dennis gained experience in the oil industry working for his dad at Fast Trucking. At a young age he started riding with his dad hauling water and moving rigs, sleeping on the seat of the truck – graduating to the floor when he grew too tall to fit on the seat.

He started working in the shop at a very young age changing tire after tire. At 14 he started swamping, at 16 he started driving trucks on rig moves, and in his early 20's he started truck pushing. Although he did not attend university, Dennis believes he earned a PhD in oilfield business from men like Rick Hayward, Lynn Stevens and his father.  

Dennis is now president of Fast Trucking Service and runs it alongside his brother Larry. Dennis’ boys Harly and Nathan have been learning the business to one day take over.

Fast Trucking Service Ltd. was established in 1957. Starting with only a winch truck and a water truck, Fast Trucking has grown into one of the largest family owned rig moving companies in western Canada. If you drilled an oil well in the area from 1983 to present there is a high probability Fast moved the rig.

Fast Trucking was just the beginning for the Day family. The Day family founded Day Construction in 1979, General Well Servicing in 1996 and purchased Sam’s Trucking in 2005. Dennis started Competition Environmental in 1997 and Runcible Oil in 2001.

Along with his family, Dennis acquired Fontana’s Trucking in 2006, Forsyth Hauling in 2010 and Jet Trucking in 2013. With a few key partners, Dennis is a major shareholder in VP energy and Morris Fracturing. Dennis notes that none of these companies would be successful without strong leadership from management and hard work of close to 300 employees.

In 1986 Tony, Dennis and Larry started their own oil company, TDL Petroleum. They drilled their very first oil well south of Carnduff, along with several other wells over the years.

Apart from being a major player in the southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba oilfield industry, he owns an apartment complex in Carnduff, and oversees the operation of Day family farm which now farms over 6,000 acres and 200 head of cattle.

When Dennis isn't running with work he likes to spend time with his kids Emily, Harly, Nathan, Julia, and his grandkids Nevaeh, Rilee, Haizley and Hugh. He enjoys travelling and has been to over 50 countries.Dennis attributes his success in business to learning from his parents, that you work hard and surround yourself with hard working people. Even with all the companies he owns it isn’t uncommon to see him out helping move rigs. Persistency, taking care of your customers and a good attitude are things he believes make you successful.