Warm dry weather helps SE Sask. farmers make seeding progress

Producers in the southeast have been making good progress with seeding, assisted by mostly warm, dry weather, with the exception of some showers over the weekend.

The southeast as a whole is at 57 per cent complete, with the Weyburn crop district (2A) at 73 per cent and the Radville-Lake Alma-Minton area at 66 per cent done.

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Provincially, farmers are 51 per cent done seeding, which is on track with the five-year average for this time of year.

In the southeast, 83 per cent of the field peas, 81 per cent of the lentils, 71 per cent of the durum, 61 per cent of the chickpeas, 59 per cent of spring wheat, 58 per cent of canary seed, 55 per cent of barley, 46 per cent of oats, canola and soybeans, and 33 per cent of the flax has been seeded to date.

The early-seeded crops have started to emerge in the southeast region, along with weeds, but windy conditions have prevented many farmers from being able to spray herbicides.

The small amounts of rainfall have allowed farmers to make seeding progress, but farm land will need more moisture soon to support crop and pasture growth.

Some of the showers brought 11 mm of rainfall to the RM of Brokenshell area, three mm to the RMs of Fillmore and Wellington, two mm to the RM of Francis, and a range from 10.8 to 12 mm in the RM of Laurier.

Cropland topsoil moisture in the southeast is rated as three per cent surplus, 81 per cent adequate, 15 per cent short and one per cent very short.

Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as one per cent surplus, 64 per cent adequate, 32 per cent short and three per cent very short.