Weyburn Fair winners named for 4-H, demo derby

The Weyburn Agricultural Society hosted the regional 4-H Interclub show at the Weyburn Fair from June 30 to July 3, with the 4-H sale held on Wednesday, and the following are the winners of the cattle show in the various classes and categories.

The Grand Champion Steer was shown by Emma Lees, Arcola-Kisbey 4-H Beef Club, and the Reserve Grand Champion was shown by Zane Short of the Milestone 4-H Club.

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The Cloverbud champion steer was from Jevon Doud, Radville 4-H Club, and the reserve champion was from Reese Gaillard of the Milestone club.

The Best Home-Grown Steer was shown by Jevon Doud, Radville club, with the Best Group of five calves from the Arcola-Kisbey Club, and Best Group of eight calves was from the Radville club.

The Best Charolais Steer was shown by Zane Short of Milestone; the Best Hereford Steer was from Kyle Lees, Arcola-Kisbey; Best Black Angue Steer was from Emma Lees, Arcola-Kisbey; and Best Simmental Steer was from Jevon Doud, Radville.

The best group of five Hereford influence steers was shown by the Milestone club.

The Champion Cloverbud Heifer was shown by Cheyanne Berner of the Weyburn club, and the Reserve Champion was from Jackson Lees, Arcola-Kisbey.

The Champion Breeding Heifer was from Carson Leibreich, Radville club, and the Reserve Champion was from Brandy Fettes, Radville.

The champion two-year-old female was from Emma Nicholas, Milestone club, and the reserve champion was from Kylie Berner of Weyburn.

The champion three-year-old female was shown by Ryder Fellner, Weyburn club, and the reserve champion was from Rhett Moule of the Brokenshell club.

The Overall Grand Champion Female was from Carson Liebreich of Radville, and the Reserve Overall Grand Champion Female was from Brandy Fettes of Radville.

The Breeder’s Herd Award went to Emma Nicholas of the Milestone club, and the best group of five breeding heifers was from the Radville 4-H Club.

The Best Charolais Heifer award went to Jorja Beck of Milestone; the Best Hereford Female was from Emma Nicholas of Milestone; the Best Red Angus Female went to James Carlson, Cymri Club; the Best Simmental Female went to Ryder Fellner of Weyburn; and Best Black Angus Heifer was awarded to Carson Liebreich of Radville.

For showmanship awards, the junior showman was Kate Webb of the Pangman-Ogema club; the intermediate winner was Kylie Berner, Weyburn; and the senior showman was Carson Liebreich of Radville.

For team grooming, the junior winners were the Weyburn 4-H Club, the intermediate winners were Weyburn, and the senior winners were the Milestone club.

In the 4-H sale, there were 174 steers sold by live auction, and the average price was $2.93 a pound.

The Smoker Cook-off competition was held on Friday and Saturday, and a panel of judges taste-tested the meats cooked by each team. The winners are, in first place, Seriously Smokin’ team from Pense; in second, Smooth Smoke from Weyburn; and in third, The Master Basters from Regina.

One of the more popular events each year is the demolition derby, which TJ Metheral was in charge of. He said the demo derby was a lot of fun this year, with the minivan mashup as a new feature, won by Jenna Metheral.

“We’ll definitely bring that back again,” he said, noting the grandstands were packed again as usual.

In the feature race final, Kevin Dodd won first place, with Shane Mitchell in second and Mac Metheral in third.

In the intermission, there were six racing lawnmower tractors this year, and the winners were Quinten Dudragne, Tarin Stepp and Ross Weiss.

A new award presented this year, the Marv “Mad Dog” Award, was named after Marv Kittleson, the long-time volunteer co-announcer of the demo derby who passed away last year. This award recognizes the driver who has the most heart and doesn’t really care what happens to his car, said Metheral, with the winner Jarrett Metheral.

Kittleson’s announcing partner, Gary Hudson, was presented with a special jacket as the honourary lifetime award for announcing the derby for over 40 years, since 1976.

Another new award is the “Doggone Tough Luck” award, sponsored by Fido’s Place dog day care, and the winner was Dustin Kennedy.