American arrested at North Portal for bringing in 12 firearms

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced charges laid against a traveller, following an incident at the North Portal border crossing.

CBSA officers at North Portal seized12undeclared firearms and other undeclared goods after referring a traveller for secondary examination on May 26.

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All of these items were found inside a cargo van:a prohibited .22-calibre revolver; a prohibited 9mm pistol;a prohibited .38-calibre revolver; a restricted 9mm pistol;a restricted semi-automatic carbine rifle;seven non-restricted long guns;one prohibited stun gun;one prohibited taser; andsix overcapacity magazines.

The CBSA’s Criminal Investigations Division has since charged Kevin Glenn Norris, 41, of Florida on three counts pursuant to the Customs Act. Norris was arrested and remanded into custody. His next court appearance was held on Thursday in Regina Provincial Court.

Firearms are high-risk commodities and their interdiction is a CBSA enforcement priority. Travellers who do not declare firearms upon arrival can face arrest, seizure, monetary penalties, and criminal prosecution. Failing to declare firearms can also make visitors inadmissible to enter Canada.

The CBSA strongly recommends that travellers not carry their firearms when travelling to Canada or transiting through Canada to Alaska. However, should they choose to travel with their firearms, they must declare all firearms in their possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry.

Travellers must also have all the necessary permits and have their firearm appropriately stored.