City man jailed 14 months for two assaults

Weyburn resident Jason DeLaet was sentenced to 14 months in jail for two assaults on a woman, minus time served since his arrest of 71 days, giving him a total of 11 and a half months incarceration, in Weyburn provincial court on Oct. 6.
DeLaet entered guilty pleas at his last court appearance, and a presentence report was prepared for Judge Kovach, who handed down the sentence.
The first assault charge arose on June 19, when DeLaet came home drunk at 3 a.m. and attacked the victim by head-butting her and choking her, causing bruising on her neck and her nose to bleed and swell.
He was arrested, then released on the condition to have no contact with the victim.
DeLaet then contacted her on Aug. 21, breaching his release order, and arranged to take the victim fishing.
At a remote location where they fished, he attacked her viciously, as he pulled her out of the vehicle by her hair and beat her, bashing her head on the ground repeatedly as he sat on top of her.
She was bleeding from this attack and vomited blood, and he choked her until she was unconscious.
Court was told that she had a number of fractures to her nose and a fair bit of bruising to her body, and was left with a deformed nose from the injuries.
Breaking the sentence down, which was submitted as a joint agreement by the Crown and the defence, he received two months for the first assault and 12 months consecutive for the second, plus 30 days for breaching his no-contact order, which ran concurrently to the overall sentence, minus credit for 71 days incarceration already served.
Court was told the accused felt disgusted and ashamed of his actions, but was unwilling to say anything in court about his actions.
“I hope while you’re in the correctional centre, you’ll get counselling,” said Judge Kovach, noting he has seen this before from people who are alcoholic or drug-addicted, and they reach a point where they are disgusted with themselves and don’t recognize themselves.
A 24-year-old Weyburn man, Steven Ursu, will be assessed at the North Battleford psychiatric facility on a long list of charges, including mischief and arson, provincial court heard on Oct. 6.
The charges include 12 charges of mischief, causing damages to property, three arson charges, 15 counts of breach of probation, and three counts of possession of property obtained by a crime.
Defence counsel asked that Ursu be assessed at North Battleford to determine if he was criminally responsible for these offences at the time they were committed.
Sentencing for Edward Frederick, 52, was adjourned to Oct. 27, after a presentence report was presented to court.
He has charges of dangerous driving, two counts of failing to stop for police, resisting arrest by fleeing in a vehicle and on foot, two counts of driving while disqualified and failure to attend court.
He has been in custody since the summer, and defence suggested to Judge Kovach that he wouldn’t need a significant jail term as the time served has been a sort of “wake-up call” to him already.
He was remanded in custody until his sentencing on Oct. 27 in provincial court. 

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