City police investigates break-in to business

Weyburn police received a report of a break-and-enter to a downtown business on Wednesday. The matter is still under investigation and is awaiting the assistance of the Forensic Identification Unit fingerprint examination.

Weyburn police received a report of a theft of property from a City facility on March 11. The investigation has determined, through the use of surveillance video, who the suspect is. The matter is still under investigation but charges are expected to be laid.

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City police received a report from a local cab company regarding an unruly patron on Sunday. The adult male was arrested and held in cells until sober. 

Weyburn police are investigating a report of fraudulent or forged cheques being issued on March 12. The matter is still under investigation.

City police received a call of what seemed to be a neighbourhood disturbance on a street on March 11. Upon attending it was learned that the disagreement was over a work matter and had spilled outside of the residence where the raised voices caused the complaint. The matter was mediated without need for further police involvement.

Weyburn police received a report of a minor domestic situation involving child visitation on March 11. Police assisted in mediating the matter.

City police have received a few complaints this spring involving property line-property right disputes. Please be advised that performing any act or activity that involves a neighbour’s property without their permission can constitute a mischief investigation under the Criminal Code. If the matter is significant enough and can’t be resolved, criminal charges can be pursued by the police.

Weyburn police received a call regarding a domestic in progress on Sunday. Police attended and were able to mediate the matter for the time being with some suggestions of what each party may wish to do in the future.