Police arrest two men for B&E, assault

Weyburn police received a report of a break-and-enter and assault in progress on Sunday. Upon attending to the residence, a male with non-life threatening injuries was observed.  While at the scene members were requested to return to the station as other people were there regarding the incident. Over the course of the next while, two individuals were arrested without incident. The matter is still under active investigation.

Charges laid at this present time are against two adult males, including a 53-year-old male charged with break-and-enter, assault causing bodily harm and assault, and a 36-year-old male charged with break-and-enter and assault. Further charges could be laid as the investigation progresses. Both accused were held overnight and released Monday morning with an upcoming court date.

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Weyburn police has received a few reports of telephone scams. In one case a call was received from what was purported as Reader’s Digest, asking for banking details to deposit the winnings in.

City police received a report of a disoriented person walking on the east side of the city on May 29. The person was located and her stories made no sense. She was transported to the hospital for assessment.

Weyburn police was called to assist a family member with a youth who was distraught and uncooperative on May 29. With the assistance of the family, the youth was calmed and agreed to attend the hospital for assessment.

City police received a request to assist a landlord with an eviction on Thursday. While police have no authority to enforce a civil eviction notice, police do often attend to ensure the peace is kept during the process. The renter left without incident.

Weyburn police received a report from a school bus driver that a person had driven past the bus when the stop arm was activated on Thursday. The driver was located and issued a ticket.

Police received a call regarding a minor domestic dispute on Thursday. The police were able to defuse the situation for the night and no further police involvement was required.

Weyburn police received a complaint regarding what appeared to be a disoriented driver on Friday. Upon investigation the driver was identified. A report has been made to SGI regarding this incident.

City police are investigating a report of a residential break, enter and theft on Friday. The matter is still under investigation.

The Weyburn PS received a report of a telephone scam on Friday where a caller asked that the person pay a delivery charge in order to collect his prize. In Canada no fees can be collected in order to claim a prize. This person was aware of this and no loss was suffered as a result.

The Weyburn Police CTSS Unit conducted a traffic stop on Saturday. As a result the driver provided a roadside breath test resulting in a fail. The driver was then arrested without incident and taken to the Weyburn Police station for breath tests. As a result of those tests the driver has been charged with driving over .08 and will be making a future court appearance. The driver’s licence was suspended indefinitely pending resolution in court and the vehicle was impounded.

Police received a complaint of a disturbance at a downtown business on Saturday. The matter was mediated without the need for further police assistance.

The Weyburn Oil and Gas Show is on this week and police expect a large amount of traffic around the Fair grounds area. City police ask that people be a bit more cautious when travelling in that area, and especially Thursday afternoon as the sometimes very large pieces of equipment begin to be moved out of the area after the show is over.