Police get unconfirmed reports of fentanyl overdoses

The Weyburn Police Service received an unconfirmed report that there were three drug overdoses in the city on the weekend due to other drugs being laced with fentanyl. While police are unable to confirm any of these incidents at this time, they want the public to be aware of the law.

Recent changes to the law now say that anyone calling the police or ambulance for a drug overdose case in order to save the life of the other person will not be charged for being in possession of illegal drugs.

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Weyburn city police received a complaint of the theft of pylons from the parking lot in the area of Southeast College on King Street on July 16. Anyone having information about this theft is asked to contact either the Weyburn Police Service, or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Weyburn police received a report of a fraud on Friday. In this scam, the caller is notified there has been a problem with their credit card and are asked to provide certain information so that the problem can be fixed.

City police received a complaint on Friday that a person had been called by a party claiming to be the Canada Revenue Agency, telling them they owed back taxes and would be going to jail if they didn’t pay. This is a scam, as the CRA does not operate in this manner.

The Weyburn police received a call regarding a domestic dispute on July 15. When they attended the residence the matter had cooled down and police assisted one of the parties to remove themselves for the night.

City police executed a warrant on an individual after he turned himself in on July 15. The person was found to be breaching his federal parole conditions. The person was taken into custody without incident and eventually returned to prison.

City police received a report on Wednesday that an individual on conditions not to contact the other person had been calling or texting the other person. The suspect was charged with breaching his court conditions and will be appearing in court at a later date.

Weyburn police received a request to conduct a well-being check on an individual on Saturday. The check was completed and everything was found to be okay. 

Police received a report of an ongoing domestic situation on Saturday. Police attended the residence and assisted to keep the peace while one of the people moved out. No further involvement was necessary.

Weyburn police received a call regarding a disturbance at a local hotel on Sunday. The investigation showed that the disagreement was among those who had rented a room. The matter was mediated by the police with no need for further involvement.

City police received a report on Sunday of an individual suffering some possible mental health issues that was threatening self-harm. The individual was located and was found to be okay, and had support for the night.