Police investigate reports of credit card scams

The Weyburn Police Service has received numerous reports of credit card fraud scams in the past week. In each case, they received a phone call from the credit card company about their card being compromised.

In each case the caller already had the credit card number but needed the three-digit security code on the back of the card. Please be advised that no credit card company will contact you without first going through all of the security questions protocols you set up with your account.

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Weyburn police have received a few complaints about aggressive dogs at the off-leash park. The police wish to remind everyone that the only ‘rule’ that does not apply at the off-leash park is the requirement for dogs to be controlled by a leash. There are still significant liability issues with owners who have aggressive animals and fail to control them.

Depending on the incident, the bylaw could still come into play with regards to aggressive animals, bites, etc. Police advise residents to make every effort to control their animals while off-leash.

Weyburn police are investigating a report of a break-and-enter at a business on June 10. The matter is still under investigation.

City police received a report of a theft of merchandise from a downtown business on Thursday. The matter is still under investigation.

Weyburn police received a report unrelated to the above of the theft from another downtown business on Thursday, and the matter was resolved.

City police received a report on Friday unrelated to the above thefts that someone had stolen property from a downtown business.

City police were dispatched to a report of a family domestic issue on June 11, and the matter was successfully mediated.

Police conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle for an equipment violation on Wednesday. The driver was found to be the subject of a Conditional Sentencing Order (CSO). Further inquiries resulted in the driver being arrested for breaching the CSO. He was remanded in custody and will be appearing in court.

The Weyburn police received a report of a vehicle driving erratically on Highway 39 on Thursday. The vehicle was located and stopped, and no impairment was noted. The driver was questioned and cautioned about his driving manner.

Police were dispatched to a report of a domestic disturbance that appeared to be escalating on Saturday. Upon attending the situation was discussed and successfully mediated for the night.

As a reminder, police advise drivers to check their vehicle registration and driver’s licence to make sure both are valid. Police have encountered a rash of unlicenced drivers recently along with unregistered vehicles. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure they have valid paperwork. The fines for these violations are significant and the inconvenience of having a vehicle towed because it is unregistered is not worth the chance.