Sask. police to focus on impaired driving offences in August

Even though 2019 was a record low yearfor the number of people killed and injured in impaired driving collisions in Saskatchewan, the work isn’t done.

It’s up to everyone to continue to bring impaired driving numbers in Saskatchewan even lower.

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“Fewer deaths from impaired driving is positive news, of course, but the only acceptable number of impaired driving deaths is zero,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “Every single person who dies as a result of impaired driving has someone they leave behind and a story that wasn’t finished. If their story wasn’t done, then our job isn’t done either.”

That’s one reason law enforcement and SGI are focusing on impaired driving during the August Traffic Safety Spotlight. Most people in Saskatchewan have decided it’s simply not OK to drive impaired, but 21 people still lost their lives needlessly on Saskatchewan roads last year, and police have reported nearly 2,000 impaired driving offences in the first half of this year.

Impaired drivers face vehicle seizures, licence suspensions, steep financial penalties, along with possible jail time and a criminal record if convicted of driving impaired. More important than the penalties that come with getting caught are the human consequences: someone getting injured or killed as a result of an impaired driver’s actions.

What can you do?

• Always choose to #DriveSober, and never get in a vehicle with someone you believe is impaired by alcohol or drugs.

• Be a good wingman. Don’t let friends or family get behind the wheel impaired. Choose to be the designated driver.

• Plan a safe ride home before you start drinking and your judgment is impaired.

Know the laws.Drinking alcohol or using drugs and then driving are both forms of impaired driving.

• Report impaired drivers and suspected impaired drivers by 9-1-1 through the RID program. 

Become aware of the impacts impaired driving has on not only the victims, but their families

Follow SGI on social media this month. As always, they will be sharing information about impaired driving and will also be having a number of social media contests and chances for their followers to share their thoughts about impaired driving.

First up – share something one of your favourite establishments does to prevent impaired driving.