Two-day traffic blitz held in Weyburn region

Over the last few months, police have noticed a substantial increase in motorists failing to slow to a maximum of 60 km/h while passing emergency vehicles with emergency lights activated on area highways. As a result, a Joint Forces Operation (JFO) occurred to curtail this trend.

On February 12 and 13, Weyburn Police Combined Traffic Services of Saskatchewan (CTSS) hosted a Multi-Agency “Slow to 60km/h” Traffic Safety Project, assisted by Regina Police CTSS, Saskatchewan Highway Patrol, and Weyburn RCMP Traffic Services.

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A total of 233 violations were noted, and 96 tickets were issued for various offences, over one-third for failing to slow to 60km/h while passing an emergency vehicle with emergency lights in operation.

There were 98 warnings and 39 vehicle inspection tickets also issued. The Saskatchewan Highway Patrol conducted eight Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Inspections; as a result, six commercial vehicles were put out of service.

Highways 39, 13, 47, 35, and 33 were patrolled as a part of this joint operation.

An emergency vehicle, by definition, is an ambulance, fire truck, or police (peace) vehicle.

The 60km/h speed also applies to the passing of tow trucks engaged in their roadside operations when displaying flashing lights.

Weyburn Police CTSS would like to remind motorists to slow to at least 60km/h and give emergency personnel room to work when on area highways. Ultimately, first responders, tow trucks operators, and highway workers want to return home safe to their family and friends at the end of their work shifts.