Weyburn police arrest driver on drug possession

The Weyburn Police Community Safety Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Wednesday. As a result of the stop, a police officer assisted. The driver was found to be in possession of cocaine and methamphetamine with a street value of about $5,500 and was also in possession of the proceeds of crime (approximately $1,800 cash). The vehicle was also seized pursuant to the Criminal Code as offence related property, which upon successful application through the legal process may be forfeited to the Crown. A number of drug related charges were laid.

Weyburn police received a report of the theft of a motor vehicle on May 12. The vehicle was located and the suspect has been charged and will be making a future court appearance.

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City police received a report of a person seen drinking in public in the downtown core. The person was located and was charged for consuming alcohol in public.

The Weyburn Police Community Safety Officer observed a bicycle rider on Thursday and attempted to stop the rider. The rider fled on foot and, assisted by Weyburn police officers, a foot chase ensued through various private yards before the person was taken into custody for trespassing. The now identified person was known to have outstanding warrants for his arrest and was processed on those warrants.

The Weyburn police have received some recent information regarding the Wine Ninja social media activity.  Please be careful that if you are participating that you know who you are sending to. Police have been advised of an incident recently where alcohol was sent to a minor. It is an offence to supply alcohol to a minor and the fines are in excess of $1,000 for this offence.

City police conducted a traffic stop on May 12, and as a result identified a passenger as having outstanding vehicle traffic warrants from Regina. The person was dealt with on the Regina warrants and allowed to proceed.

Weyburn police received a report of a person in a residential yard with a firearm on May 12. Upon investigating it was learned that the person had a pellet gun and was intending on shooting blackbirds. The person was cautioned about the carrying of a firearm and that the discharge of any type of firearm within city limits is prohibited by bylaw.

Police received a report of the theft of property from a motor vehicle on May 12. While investigating that it was identified that the person was possibly impaired and had been in a motor vehicle. As a result of the investigation the person was arrested and processed by a Drug Recognition Expert and has been now charged with impaired operation by a drug.

City police received a report of possible child neglect and family-related issues owing to a domestic split-up on Thursday. The person was arrested for failing to comply with an earlier court undertaking and was also charged with harassing communications. He was remanded in custody pending court on May 19.

Weyburn police received a call regarding a number of youth who were on foot and had open alcohol on Saturday. They were located and an amount of alcohol was confiscated. One ticket was issued for an alcohol violation.

City police conducted a curfew check on an individual subject to court-ordered conditions on Sunday. The person was not at home and will be processed with a charge for breach of conditions.

Weyburn police received a complaint in an unrelated matter that led to the identification of an impaired driver on Sunday. The person was processed and charged with impaired operation, open alcohol and driving without a valid licence. The accused will be making a future court appearance.

City police received a complaint regarding harassing behaviours on Monday. The investigation is ongoing and charges are expected to be laid.