Weyburn police busy with break-in, theft

The Weyburn Police Service dealt with 84 complaints from Oct. 28 to Nov. 3, including break-ins, theft and uttering threats.

Weyburn police received a call of a break-and-enter to local business on Sunday. Members attended to find out that there was forced entry into the business. The investigation is ongoing by police at this time.

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Weyburn police received a call from a local business on Oct. 28 where a male suspect fueled up his vehicle then drove off without paying for the fuel. Video surveillance is being looked at to identify the suspect. Investigation is ongoing by police.

Weyburn police received a call on Saturday from a man who was upset with police for not dealing with another unrelated matter. The man then uttered threats to police of what he will do if police do not help him out. Police then attended to where the suspect was and he was arrested for uttering threats towards a female. The suspect was intoxicated at the time and was brought to cells and lodged until sober.

Police received a complaint of a scam fraud on Oct. 28. A female victim came in to report that she had won a sum of money from Publishers Clearing House, but the suspects asked the victim to send a cheque to cover the costs of sending her winnings to her.

Police advise that any time a person is asked to send money to collect a prize it usually is a scam. The public is asked that if you are second-guessing the winnings, please call the police to double check if there are scams going around.

Police received a call regarding theft of cans and bottles from local business on Oct. 28, and an investigation is ongoing by police.

Members were called to a local business to remove a male who was causing a disturbance at the business by yelling and screaming on Oct. 29. The male was having a dispute over a civil matter dealing with a rental agreement. The issues were resolved while police were there without any further dispute.

Weyburn police received a complaint on Wednesday, where an apartment was entered on two separate occasions and property was taken while the owner was away. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

City police received a call from local business on Thursday where the suspect obtained food and lodging fraudulently. The suspect was arrested and charged, and was also charged with another similar offence from the day before where goods were purchased fraudulently by the suspect at another business in town.

Weyburn police charged a male for breaching and not complying with his probation order on Friday. The male was served his documents and released for a later court date.

Weyburn police received a call from the public on Saturday of a little boy that was out on his own and appeared to be lost. A police member attended and was able to get the little boy home safe and sound.