Weyburn police charge man with resisting arrest, mischief

Weyburn police received a call on Saturday that an intoxicated person was attempting to leave a residence and drive. Upon arrival the person was found to have been in an altercation with family members and was non-compliant with the police. The person refused to comply with police commands after being placed under arrest. The accused was eventually taken into custody without injury to himself or the police. He is now facing charges of resisting arrest and mischief and will be making a future court appearance. 

As the result of a traffic stop on Saturday, it was found that the driver, only having a learner’s licence, was being supervised by a driver whose licence was suspended. In order for a learner to legally operate a vehicle, the supervising driver must be legally capable of assuming control of the vehicle. The passenger also had numerous warrants outstanding and was arrested without incident. He was remanded for court in Estevan.

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Weyburn police received information on Aug. 17 that a person had left the Weyburn General Hospital without permission and was also certified as an involuntary mental health patient. The person was located and returned to the hospital without incident.

City police received a complaint that an individual had caused damage to an apartment door on Aug. 17. The person was located and arrested without incident. The person is now facing a charge of mischief and will be making a future court appearance.

The Weyburn PS CTSS Unit conducted a traffic stop on two vehicles on Aug. 18. As a result of the stop, one driver was arrested and charged with driving while over .08 and driving while disqualified. The passenger in one of the vehicles was also processed in regards to an outstanding warrant.

Weyburn police are investigating a report of damage to a vehicle left parked in a lot in the 10 block of First Avenue SW on Aug. 18. A window was smashed out. Anyone having information about this is asked to contact the Weyburn PS either directly at 306-848-3250, or by calling Crime Stoppers at-1-800-222-8477.

City police received a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence on Aug. 18. The matter was mediated by the police without need for further intervention.

Weyburn police located an individual who was the subject of a Mental Health Apprehension Order on Aug. 18. The person was apprehended and taken to a mental health facility.

The Mental Health Act allows for anyone who has significant detailed information about a person who may be suffering from a mental health issue and refusing to seek assistance to appear before a Provincial Court Judge and make an application to have that person apprehended and examined. If the judge is satisfied that the requirements of the Act are met, they will issue an Apprehension Order and when located that person will then be taken to a Mental Health facility for assessment.

The Weyburn police recovered a ‘Disney Frozen’ Huffy bike near 16th Street and Douglas Road on Aug. 18. If anyone is missing this bike please contact the Weyburn Police Service.

City police responded to a call regarding a domestic-related assault in progress on Thursday. A male was taken into custody at the scene without incident and is now facing a charge of assault.

Weyburn police received a report of a stolen youth’s scooter on Thursday. The family posted photos on social media and were notified that a scooter of that description was seen at the pool. The family determined that it was in fact the missing scooter.

City police received a call expressing concern that a person was about to harm themselves on Thursday. The person was located and was voluntarily transported to the hospital for assessment.

Weyburn police were dispatched to a report of a domestic disturbance on Friday. They were able to mediate the issue so that no further police involvement was necessary.

Weyburn police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle to check for driver sobriety on Sunday.  As a result of the stop, the driver was processed for impaired driving and is now facing a charge of driving while over .08.