Weyburn police have tragic week with drug overdoses

The Weyburn Police Service experienced a busy and very tragic week as 99 calls for service were received during the period of Jan. 11-17. A total of 14 charges were laid during the week, including 10 for traffic violations, three under the Criminal Code, and one under the City of Weyburn Bylaws. The Weyburn police responded to three urgent calls involving a suspected drug overdose, two of which ended in tragedy.

Early Wednesday morning, police responded to an adult male in medical distress due to a suspected drug overdose. Police administered Narcan and EMS personnel provided immediate medical care but attempts to revive the male were unsuccessful.

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Late that same evening, city police responded to another call involving an adult male in medical distress due to a suspected drug overdose. Weyburn officers again administered Narcan and EMS personnel provided immediate medical care. The male was transported to the Weyburn General Hospital for further treatment but all efforts to save the male were unsuccessful. The Weyburn Police Service expressed their deepest sympathy to family and friends of both victims.

City police had visions of another tragic incident as they were called to another adult male in medical distress due to a suspected drug overdose on Thursday. Police again administered Narcan and EMS personnel provided immediate medical care. This incident had a more positive outcome as the male regained consciousness but refused any further medical care.

On Monday, police attended to a two-vehicle collision near the Weyburn General Hospital. One driver was charged for driving without due care and attention, and a vehicle was towed from the scene as a result of the collision. During the evening, a male was found to be in breach of a condition of their undertaking and charged accordingly.

Police received a complaint of theft from a local business on Tuesday. A male was subsequently charged after the stolen items were posted for sale on a social media platform. Police responded to a report of a female in crisis. The female was located and taken to the Weyburn General Hospital for treatment.

Police also received a report that a person who was COVID-19 positive was not abiding by the quarantine orders. In consultation with Public Health, the person was located and warned to remain isolated as required by the public health orders.

Police came across a two-vehicle collision on Wednesday, resulting in one driver being charged for proceeding from a stop sign before it was safe. One vehicle required towing from the scene.

Police received an allegation of a domestic animal in medical distress. Animal Protective Services of Saskatchewan was contacted and the animal was seized with an investigation continuing.

Also on Thursday, police responded to numerous calls regarding downed power lines, cables, and property damage caused by the overnight storm.

Police were called to a residence on the south end of the city where a female was observed stealing a battery from a lawn mower. The complainant was able to retrieve the battery and no charges were laid as the complainant requested police provide the female with a warning.

Police assistance was requested by a medical facility to assist with an irate and non-compliant patient. A short altercation occurred but the patient ultimately complied and no charges were laid.

Police attended a medical facility on three separate occasions to assist personnel with an uncooperative patient on Friday.

Police are also investigating the report of a SUV stolen from the driveway of a residence on the south side of the city in the early morning.

On Friday evening, the Weyburn Police, along with officers of the Weyburn Combined Traffic Services unit and Saskatchewan Highway Patrol, conducted a High Visibility Impaired Driving Enforcement Project. Approximately 250 drivers were checked, resulting in two drivers facing stiffer penalties after testing positive for the presence of cannabis, and having their license suspended and vehicle impounded. Further charges are also pending.

The Weyburn police received a request to assist the RCMP on Saturday evening with locating a male who had evaded arrest. Police attended the suspect’s residence but they were not located. The male is charged with failing to comply with a condition of their release order. Police were also requested to attend a medical facility to assist personnel with an uncooperative patient. 

Sunday evening saw two individuals being charged after officers conducted compliance checks and found them to be in breach of their conditions.

*Anyone with information regarding one of these matters, or any other matter of a criminal nature, is encouraged to contact the Weyburn Police Service at (306) 848-3250, the local RCMP Detachment at 310-RCMP (7267), or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).