Weyburn police investigate theft of vehicle, rifle

There were 91 calls for service over the week for the Weyburn Police Service.

Weyburn police members attended to Elm Crescent to deal with a stolen vehicle on Nov. 25. The missing vehicle was rummaged through earlier, with the suspect(s) possibly locating a spare key and returning to steal the vehicle. The file is currently under investigation. 

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Weyburn police received a complaint of a hunting rifle stolen from a parked vehicle sometime between the night of Nov. 29 and the morning of Nov. 30. Police do not have any suspects at this time, and the investigation is ongoing. 

Weyburn police attended to a fire alarm in an apartment building on Bison Avenue on Sunday evening. It was later found the smoke was coming from burned food, from a pot left unattended on a stove. The resident of the apartment was checked out by EMS for smoke inhalation. The resident was not injured and cleared by EMS.

Weyburn police were called to a local business about a discarded deer carcass in their garbage dumpster on Nov. 25. There were no tags on the carcass and a local conservation officer was called to assist with the complaint. There were no witnesses or suspects. If anyone has any information about this incident, please call the Weyburn Police Service.

Police were called to a compound where school buses are parked on Nov. 25. Someone entered the compound and vandalized several buses over the weekend. If anyone has any information pertaining to this crime, please call Crime Stoppers or the Weyburn Police Service.

Weyburn police were called to a local business on Nov. 26 where a female paid for several food items, but left without paying for fuel. Police were able to contact the female and found it to be a misunderstanding. The matter was mediated and the gas was looked after.

City police were on general patrol when they made a vehicle stop on a male driver on Nov. 26. The driver was driving an unregistered vehicle at the time of the stop and further investigation revealed the driver had an outstanding warrant. The driver was placed under arrest and charged for operating an unregistered vehicle. Paper work was done for the warrant and the driver was released.

Police received a complaint of fraud under $5,000 on Wednesday. A family member used the complainant’s debit card without permission on numerous occasions resulting in a substantial loss. File is under investigation by police at this time.

Weyburn police attended a local business on Wednesday, where the owner noticed several of their vehicles had been rummaged through with small change taken. Police have no witnesses or suspects at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

Police were called to an assault in progress on Friday. When police arrived, the victim claimed to be assaulted by the other male involved in the altercation. Further investigation by the members revealed both parties had assaulted each other and both parties did not want charges laid. The altercation was mediated by police before leaving the scene.

Police were called to a male in medical stress on Saturday. When members arrived, they were able to convince the male to attend to Weyburn General hospital for medical help. 

Weyburn police received a call from EMS for assistance with a possible overdose on Sunday. Police arrived at the residence with a male in medical distress. Police assisted EMS with transporting the male to the hospital.

If you, or anyone you know, has information about a crime, the Weyburn Police Service urges you to contact Crime Stoppers by phone 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or call Weyburn Police Service at 306-848-3250.