Weyburn police investigates fraud incidents

The Weyburn Police Service dealt with 64 calls for service from Feb. 9-16, with five of the 64 calls ending up as false alarms, and a couple of incidents involved fraud.

An individual received a call from another person on Feb. 10, stating that his vehicle had just been in an accident and left the scene. The unknown party requested the complainant’s insurance information. The complainant was not involved in an accident and identified it as a scam, and Weyburn city police were made aware of the scam.

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An employee called from a business to report a fraud on Wednesday. The caller told police that an individual entered the store with nothing, picked up a piece of merchandise, then proceeded to try and return the item for cash. The matter is still under investigation with charges pending.

A vehicle stop was made on Douglas Road on Feb. 9, and inside the vehicle was an individual that Weyburn police members knew was on a curfew. The individual was arrested for breaching her conditions and remanded for court at a later date. Also, the driver of the vehicle was showing signs of impairment, so roadside tests were performed, resulting in a charge of impaired operation being laid. The driver will be in court in March.

A report of unwanted communications via text and phone calls came in to WPS on Feb. 9. All parties involved were spoken to and told to discontinue communicating. There were no further complaints from the parties involved.

Police members were called to assist EMS with a call in the central part of the city on Feb. 10. The individual was assessed by EMS, before being transported to the Weyburn General Hospital.

City police were called to a disturbance outside of an establishment in the city on Feb. 11. When members arrived, it was found to be a verbal disagreement between two parties, and one had already left the area. The other person involved was advised to return to his residence for the night.

A complaint was received of comments made via social media that raised concerns for an individual on Wednesday. Police members located the individual who was believed to have sent the messages, and found the comments to be misunderstood. The individual was found to be suffering from mental health issues and was given information on resources to seek help.

City police were called to an accident at a business on the west side of the city on Wednesday. The driver was found to be in medical distress, and EMS was called to provide care to the individual.

A report of concerning act came in to city police that occurred in a public place on Thursday. The matter is under investigation by the police.

A report of a hit-and-run came into Weyburn police believed to have happened in the downtown area on Friday. Some information was obtained and the matter is being investigated.

CTSS Weyburn performed a traffic stop on a vehicle on Friday, due to the vehicle not operating with its headlights on. The driver, who was found to be under the age of 21, was requested to perform the mandatory roadside screening. The screening resulted in a driving suspension of 60 days and impoundment of the vehicle for three days.

A Weyburn CTSS member conducted a traffic stop on Saturday, where the oral fluid demand was made to check for impairment. The driver tested positive for an illegal substance, and was issued a 90-day suspension and a 14-day vehicle impoundment as per SGI regulations.  Criminal Code charges are pending the results of a blood analysis.

Police were called to the north end of the city to a report of a vehicle hitting a fence on Saturday. City police are asking for assistance in identifying the vehicle responsible.

A complaint of an erratic driver came into the city police about a vehicle on Highway 39 coming into the city on Sunday. The driver of the vehicle was located, advised of the complaint and warned of their driving actions.