Weyburn police investigating recent thefts

Weyburn police were dispatched to a local business on Saturday where the manager found several youths on video stealing from the business. The matter is still under investigation as police try to identify the individuals involved.

City police received a call from a local business regarding theft of alcohol on Sept. 25, when someone left the business without paying for the merchandise. Charges are pending and file is still under investigation.

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Police received a call of a missing child who did not come home after school on Sept. 24. Police confirmed the child was at school all day. A short time later, the mother called to say her daughter had been located and returned home safe and sound.

City police did a traffic stop on a vehicle on Friday. The passenger of the vehicle, who is known to police, was on conditions not to have contact with the driver of the vehicle. The passenger was arrested and charged with breach of his conditions for not following his probation order.

Weyburn police attended to a local business when a male, who was in the business, was seen consuming alcohol on Friday. The male is known to police and is on a probation order not to consume alcohol or be in a place where alcohol is sold. The male was arrested and charge for breaching his probation order.

City police were dispatched to a call of an unwanted male in a residence on Saturday. The suspect was known to the complainants. The suspect wanted a coffee and to be able to use the phone. When police arrived the suspect had already left the residence. The suspect was found a short time later and was warned not to go back to the complainant’s residence.

Weyburn police responded to a domestic disturbance taking place on Sunday. Upon police arrival, they were able to defuse the situation between the two parties. There was no physical altercation between the parties and they were able to resolve their situation before police left the home.


The Weyburn Police Service is reminding Weyburn residents of the bylaw governing how travel trailers are parked.

Please be aware of the various provisions of the bylaw as it relates to the parking of trailers, as follows:

• Trailers cannot be parked on public property if they are unhooked from the towing vehicle;

• Trailers cannot be parked in alleys so that any part of the trailer encroaches onto the alley or a city right-of-way;

• Trailers cannot be parked in an alley for more than 30 minutes and then only if off-loading cargo.

Enforcement activity of the city bylaw will begin on Tuesday, October 1.

For the exact wording of the bylaw, or if residents have any questions, they are asked to contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at the Weyburn Police Service, at 1-306-848-3250.