Weyburn police lay trafficking charges

The Weyburn Police Service charged a 33-year-old man with trafficking in marijuana after raiding a dispensary in the city on Thursday.
As a result of a police investigation precipitated by citizen complaints, a lengthy investigation into the illegal activities of Greenleaf Compassion marijuana dispensary began in December 2016.
The business, operating under the guise of a legitimate licenced marijuana dispensary, was determined to in fact not being operated in accordance with Health Canada regulations governing medical marijuana and the sale of marijuana was in complete contravention of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.
The contravention of the Health Canada regulations and provisions in all practical terms meant that this business was illegally possessing and trafficking in marijuana on a daily basis. A number of marijuana products and a significant amount of raw marijuana was seized.
Justin Seeman, 33, a shareholder in the business, was arrested without incident at the business when the search warrant was executed.
He is now facing charges of possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) exceeding three kilograms, trafficking in a controlled substance exceeding three kilograms, possession of cocaine and possession of the proceeds of a crime. He was released from custody and will be appearing in court in August.
The investigation is ongoing at this point and further charges are possible.

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