Weyburn police recruits share thoughts on new careers in law enforcement

Three new recruits were sworn in to the Weyburn Police Service recently, and are starting training at the Saskatchewan Police College.

Lisa Robertson, Preston Roy and Levi Elford shared about their backgrounds and why they are pursuing careers in the police service.

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Robertson is married with two children,  and was born and raised in Weyburn. She has lived in Weyburn most of her life other than going away to Saskatoon and Regina for schooling, and served as a volunteer firefighter for about 8.5 years with the Weyburn Fire Department.

“I have been the Community Safety Officer with the Weyburn Police Service since June of 2019,” she said, attributing this experience to whetting her appetite for police work.

“During my time as Community Safety Officer, I gained experience and knowledge of policing and decided I wanted to learn more and be able to help out in the community as much as I can. I am very excited to start my new role as a Constable,” said Robertson.

Roy was also born and raised in Weyburn, and said he is excited for the opportunity to join the group of members at the Weyburn Police Service and to serve the community. 

“My wife and two children equally share my excitement and I thank them in advance for their continued support as family members always play an integral role in an officer’s health and wellness,” he said, noting his father is also a former 25-year member of the WPS, so “I was fortunate to have gained a good sense of what being an officer entails.”

“While I’ve enjoyed working over a decade in the heavy oil industry as a safety consultant (commuting to northern Alberta locations), I’m looking forward to working in Weyburn in another position that is focused on the safety and security of people.  My mother worked at the Weyburn General Hospital as a nurse, and my brother and cousin continue to work with the emergency medical services in Weyburn, so one could say helping and serving the community of Weyburn is in the blood,” said Roy.

Elford was raised on a PFRA pasture outside of Milestone, and he married his wife Kirstin in 2014 and bought their home in Milestone that same year.

“We now have three children, Paisley, eight; Kaleb, six, and Rylan, two. Since moving back to my hometown I joined our volunteer fire department where I have enjoyed my time there immensely,” said Elford. “I believe this cultivated my desire to serve and I am now very much looking forward to serving in the city of Weyburn with the Weyburn Police Service.”