Weyburn police respond to several accidents in city

Weyburn police attended to a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Bison and Fourth Street on Thursday. The one vehicle had failed to yield and struck another vehicle in the intersection. This resulted in one vehicle losing control and striking a fire hydrant. The Weyburn Fire Department and City works also attended to the scene. No injuries were reported and the one driver was charged with drive without due care.

• The Weyburn Police Service attended to a three-vehicle motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of 20 Railway Avenue on Thursday. The driver of one vehicle was pulling into a parking spot and accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, accelerating into two other vehicles. No injuries were reported though two of the three vehicles sustained significant damage requiring them to be towed from the scene. No charges were laid.

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• City police attended to the 500 block of 13th Street for a two-vehicle motor vehicle accident on Wednesday. One vehicle had been stopped and was rear-ended by another vehicle. No injuries were reported and the driver was charged with driving without due care and attention.

• The Weyburn Police Service is investigating a complaint of threats on June 17. The complainant had been working in a local store when a confrontation with a customer resulted in the complainant being threatened. The incident remains under investigation.

• Weyburn police attended to a local residence after receiving a complaint of a break, enter and theft on June 18. The complainant advised that the garage had been broken into and a number of tools had been stolen. The incident remains under investigation.

• A member of the city police conducted a vehicle stop for an unregistered vehicle on June 18. The driver was found to have open and accessible cannabis in the vehicle. The 59-year-old male driver was given a ticket for possession and consuming cannabis in a vehicle which carries a $360 voluntary payment.

• City police received a call on June 18 of a semi hauling material that had pieces from the load falling off and one piece had struck another vehicle causing damage. The offending vehicle was located and the driver was issued a ticket for driving a vehicle with an insecure load.

• While on patrol, a member of the Weyburn Police Service conducted a vehicle stop on Saturday and found the driver to be displaying signs of impairment. The driver failed a roadside test and the subsequent investigation found the accused to be over .08. The driver, a 33-year-old male was charged with driving while over .08 and driving while impaired. He was released from custody and will appear in court at a later date.

• The Weyburn Police Service are continuing to get complaints regarding dogs being off leash while on the walking paths. The public is reminded that dog owners must have their dogs on a leash at all times unless in the dog park. Individuals who do not have their dogs on a leash may be charged and fined under the City of Weyburn Bylaw.

• The Weyburn Police Service in partnership with the University of Regina are undertaking a Perceptions of Policing survey. The survey will be conducted by phone and will ask those contacted a number of questions about the Weyburn Police Service and issues facing the community. This survey, which can be compared to other police perception surveys, will be used to help inform the Weyburn Police Service and Board of Police Commissioners for the Weyburn Police Service to meet community needs and expectations in the future.