Weyburn RCMP, city police combine for traffic enforcement

Weyburn residents may have noticed an increased police presence on roadways in their area between April 23-27.

Weyburn RCMP and Weyburn Police Service Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan, along with Saskatchewan Highway Patrol officers, were working in that area and specifically around Highway 39, focusing on drug-impaired driving enforcement. They also focused on ‘slow to 60 km/hr’ on Monday/Tuesday in the same time period.

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Three out of five suspensions issued during that time period happened during the daytime and four out of the five involved a driver testing positive for THC (Cannabis). Roadside license suspensions were issued on:

·April 23: around 2 p.m., a driver tested positive for THC (Cannabis) 

·April 23: around 8 p.m., a driver tested positive for THC (Cannabis)

·April 25: around 10:30 p.m., an alcohol-impaired driver

·April 26: around 9 a.m., a driver tested positive for THC (Cannabis) 

·April 27: around 1 p.m., a driver tested positive for THC (Cannabis) 

“For those who may think impaired drivers are only operating vehicles at night on the weekend – this initiative shows this is not always the case. Impaired drivers are sharing the roads with us and our loved ones during the day, at night, weekdays and weekends,” said Sgt. Cathy Walter of Weyburn RCMP Traffic Services.

“You need to be totally focused when you’re operating a moving vehicle. If a split second decision needs to be made, you need to be ready. Driving impaired impacts your reaction time and the ability to respond to situations. Impaired is impaired – think twice before getting behind the wheel, because you can forever impact your life and the lives of others.”

The RCMP thanked everyone in the public who have used 911 to “Report Impaired Drivers” (RID program). This valuable information is key to helping police officers locate possible impaired drivers on roadways throughout the province.

SGI highlighted last week that May’s traffic safety spotlight will focus on impaired drivers. The public can expect to see RCMP police officers on the roadways conducting impaired driving enforcement throughout the month of May and beyond. Always #DriveSober and #DontDriveHigh