Fiscal restraint in economy created challenges for Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation

The Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation reported on a few challenges that the foundation faced in the past year, due to fiscal restraint because of ongoing challenges in the local economy.

Jeff Hayward, president of the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation board, said that the main focus for the foundation was reconnecting with donors, and solidifying commitments that were made for their fundraising efforts.

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“Building off the announcement that was made in 2019 of the $2.5 million budget towards finalization of pre-construction work of a new Weyburn facility, the foundation moved forward with optimism that the wheels were in motion for a new hospital for Weyburn and area,” said Hayward.

“The Weyburn General Hospital planning committee continued their work, and Derrell Rodine continued with his role as a liaison with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.”

“The SHA continued its evolution with its reorganizing of 12 health districts of one unified organization. This included continuing to collaborate with health foundations, such as Weyburn’s foundation, to set a framework around acknowledging and identifying donors, as well as an accountable and transparent process to identify opportunities for health foundations to involved in the identification and purchase of much-needed equipment to resource health-care facilities.”

“With this directive, the Weyburn and District Health Foundation remained focused on raising funds for state-of-the-art equipment that could be in the existing facility, and a new facility.”

The statement of financial position for the 2019 to 20210 fiscal year of the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation was finalized March 31. Nets assets were reported at $12,716,528. This is a slight increase from the net assets reported in 2019, which was $11,975,964.

Donations received in 2020 were $663,650, a slight increase of the $587,071 that was reported in 2019. Fundraising projects raised $97,274, which was also a slight increase of the $73,653 in 2019. Expenses remained pretty constant as reported in 2020 were $78,032, which was a slight increase from the $72,272 reported in 2019.

The World Health Organization announced the COVID-19 was a pandemic situation in March 2020. “Like many other organizations, the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation followed the guidance (from Public Health) and limited office hours and took a lower key role for fundraising and collecting donations,” said Hayward. This included cancelling what would have been the 10th annual Hospital Foundation Golf Tournament Fundraiser.

“The situation also allowed us to review our present business model and how we operate, and we will continue to investigate the opportunities afforded to us through this pandemic,” said Hayward.

Premier Scott Moe and other dignitaries attended the official site announcement for the new Weyburn facility on September 4. “The site that was chosen for that announcement made added to the excitement. The plan includes final preparation for the site, with construction scheduled to start during the summer of 2021, and completed some time in 2021,” said Hayward.

“Going forward, the focus of the Hospital Foundation will be to reconnect and reaching out to the generous donors who have committed funds to the construction of this project,” said Hayward.