Weyburn company provides grads with lawn signs

Winston and Chad Bailey of Weyburn’s Re/Max office wanted to provide graduates in the Class of 2020 with something to help commemorate their milestone, since grads will not be celebrating in the usual way this year due to restrictions in place due to COVID-19.

“It came to us as an idea to do a little bit for the grads, just because of the situation where these kids aren’t going to get a typical graduation,” said Winston of the provision of free lawn signs.

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“We thought this would be a great way to honour, and to let people know who’s graduating this year.”

The signs come with the wire holders that can go into the lawn, and are red with the words, “Congratulations” and “A 2020 Grad Lives Here” in white letters.

“It’s been really well-received,” said Winston, adding that one of the best things is when the parents thank them for the signs when they see him or Chad out in the community, or when they come into the office.

One grad was so happy to get the sign, she came to the office in her grad dress.

In addition to the signs, the real estate company is going to hold a draw for three $250 cash prizes in Weyburn and one in Oxbow, drawn from the grads who come in to get a sign.

Winston estimates about two-thirds of Weyburn’s Class of 2020 have already signed up or picked up their lawn signs, along with some from Yellow Grass and Francis also getting a sign, even one family from Indian Head.

He said they made enough signs for all of Weyburn’s grads, about 170 in total, plus 35 for the Oxbow high school.

The draw for the cash prizes will be made on June 30, to allow for time for every family to enter and get their signs as possible. The grads can enter online or come into the office when they pick up their sign.

“It’s just a little way to honour the grads, to help them through these tough times,” said Winston.