Weyburn Credit Union awards Community Fund grants to organizations

Weyburn Credit Union announced $31,000 in Community Fund grants are being awarded to seven well-deserving community organizations.

Typically one per cent of the Credit Union’s profits are allocated to the WCU Community Fund each year. Community groups and organizations can apply for funding for projects and initiatives that have a long-lasting, far-reaching positive impact within the local community. Over the past 10 years, the Community Fund has awarded over $400,000 in grants to local community organizations.

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Weyburn Credit Union is proud to announce who is receiving funding this year:

Kraplenka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble -
$2,000: The Kraplenka Ukrainian Dance
Ensemble prides themselves on being the
only local dance club that promotes
cultural awareness. They strive to
provide a positive environment for
students to learn about and promote the
Ukrainian culture and their various regional dances. They wish their students will grow and learn through their experiences, performances, and teamwork.

They have performed at various community events and locations such as nursing homes, Art Farm and Trail Days. They are most excited to showcase their talents at their spring Vesna event. Weyburn Credit Union’s Community Fund grant will support the purchase of costume inventory that will allow new choreography, dances, and challenges for students.

Soo Line Daycare - $4,000: The Soo Line Daycare Co-operative is dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating and developmentally-appropriate learning environment to younger children. Quality educational curriculum assists children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Having a safe and warm shelter will be a great addition to both the daycare centre and the neighbourhood. The Community Fund’s grant will support building an enclosed Little Discoveries Bus Stop.

Weyburn Group Home Society - $5,000: The Weyburn Group Home Society provides quality support services to adults with developmental disabilities and long-term mental illness. The Society helps clients live in an environment that is as independent, unrestricted, and respectful as possible. The Community Fund’s support for the purchase of an accessible participant van will provide freedom and quality of life, along with access and inclusion to many community events, medical appointments, outings, and experiences. 

Weyburn Humane Society - $3,000: The Weyburn Humane Society provides shelter and care for stray and homeless pets until they can either be reunited with their owners or adopted to a new home. They 
are committed to treating animals with empathy, kindness, and respect; free from pain, distress, disease, or hunger. The Humane Society conducts many fundraisers throughout the year. The Community Fund’s support will help purchase an enclosed trailer. It will be a great asset to the group for their fundraising efforts, such as storage for donations of garage sale articles, recycling initiatives, and much more.

Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park - $9,000: The Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park is committed to providing an inclusive, enriching, and safe outdoor environment for the community to interact with animals, for children to play, and to offer a calming area for visitors. The park is in the beautiful and historic Tatagwa area and is accessible to everyone; especially handy for residents of the Tatagwa View nursing home and the Tatagwa Kidz Daycare Centre. The Community Fund’s support of new animal pen fencing will ensure a safe and secure place to play and visit.

Weyburn Youth Centre - $5,000: The Weyburn Youth Centre empowers youth to choose a positive meaningful life and provides a safe place free from drugs, alcohol, violence, and bullying. In the current economic environment, these issues are even more relevant than ever. The Centre offers mentoring and leadership opportunities. The support of the Community Fund will provide needed upgrades and improvements to the Centre, helping youth by providing a nicer place to gather and hang out. 

Yellow Grass First Responders - $3,000: The Yellow Grass First Responders provide pre-ambulance medical services during emergency situations on a volunteer basis. They strive to ensure a healthy community and assist those in medical distress. The Community Fund’s support will allow the purchase of a new portable AED unit that will assist during cardiac events for all patients, not just adults, and are compatible with the ones used by the Sun Country Health Region. 

And with that, Weyburn Credit Union is making the community $31,000 better, brighter and stronger.

“But the real story here isn’t the $31,000 in grants; it’s the amazing work being done by amazing people that makes our community better, brighter and stronger. We’re just proud to be able to give them a hand. Given the year we’ve had so far, for us to be able to give a helping hand is just that much more meaningful,” said Tana Torkelson, VP of Marketing with Weyburn Credit Union.

“This proves, more than words ever could, that when you bank with a credit union you are truly a part of something bigger. Our thanks and gratitude go out to our members who make the WCU Community Fund possible.” 

This is the second year into the fund revitalization and new annual process. The transformation and process, though delayed due to the pandemic, has proven to be successful.

Weyburn Credit Union has seen an increase in awareness as well as an influx of new applications. The Fund does plan to return to its regular timelines in 2021 with applications opening March 1, 2021 and closing April 10.

Weyburn Credit Union encourages all local community organizations to consider making an application next year. Details on the Community Fund and the application process can be found on the Credit Union’s website: www.weyburncu.ca.