Weyburn Economic Development, CF Sunrise to mark Sask. Economic Development Week

Four key provincial organizations in Saskatchewan are encouraging communities and First Nations to celebrate Economic Development Week May 9 to 15, 2021. (Mayor Marcel Roy is shown here signing the proclamation for this special week, along with Larry Heggs, executive director of Weyburn Regional Economic Development.)

The Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA), Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network (SFNEDN), and the Weyburn Regional Economic Development (WRED) are dedicated to serving community and economic developers.

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In addition, Community Futures (CF) Sunrise is also celebrating Saskatchewan Economic Development Week by highlighting some of the many contributions of economic development within the region.

These Saskatchewan organizations join the International Economic Development Council in celebrating Economic Development Week on an international scale. Economic Development Week is an opportunity to highlight the efforts and the importance of the economic development field. Community and Economic Developers are responsible for generating economic growth, creating better jobs for residents and facilitating an improved quality of life.

In Saskatchewan, May 10, 2021 has been proclaimed as Indigenous Economic Development Day. Join us in recognizing ‘economic development as a bridge to reconciliation’ and engage your neighboring communities and First Nations in building a prosperous future together.

Weyburn Regional Economic Development is celebrating Economic Development Week by recognizing small and medium size businesses in the community. “These businesses provide us with jobs and are crucial drivers of our economy. Make sure to support these businesses by buying local,” stated Larry Heggs, Executive Director of Weyburn Regional Economic Development.

“Southeast Saskatchewan is full of communities, community economic development officers, economic development committees, business groups and organizations who are committed to making our region an attractive place for business development,” said Christina Birch, Regional Economic Development Coordinator for CF Sunrise.

“We will be spending the week celebrating these efforts whether they be related to business development and retention, the creation of regional partnerships, the enhancement of quality of life, or the support of businesses through training and financial support — all of which play a key role in economic development.”

CF Sunrise will hold their quarterly SE Saskatchewan Economic Development Practitioner meeting on Tuesday, May 11. Hosted by CF Sunrise since 2019, community economic development officers will come together from throughout southeast Saskatchewan to discuss economic development within the region.

“Regional collaboration is an important component for achieving economic outcomes,” said Birch. “We have an amazing group of economic development officers within the region, all of whom work tirelessly to make a difference within our communities. The opportunities that exist for our region when we bring these individuals together are endless.”

The group meets to discuss regional opportunities and challenges, lesson learn from one another and hear experts speak on key issues that impact southeast Saskatchewan.