Weyburn Gift Card Days set for May 11-15

Business owner and city councillor Jeff Chessall decided to build a website where businesses can sign up for free to sell gift cards, as part of Weyburn Gift Card Days. He was inspired to do this from a suggestion by Barb Helfrick in support of National Take-Out Day, as she asked why Weyburn's businesses couldn't do something similar, but call it Weyburn Gift Card Days.

The business and the details on how they can sell gift cards will be posted on the new website. People can then go to the website and check out the complete list of businesses that offer gift Cards. Anyone can sign up, remember it’s FREE.

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Support has been received from Weyburn Credit Union, MNP, Golden West Radio, Discover Weyburn, Weyburn Review, Weyburn this Week, City of Weyburn, RM of Weyburn and the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce.

Chessall indicated he is still awaiting to hear from more and still have openings for advertising support.

In discussion with businesses, it was decided that Weyburn Gift Card Days will be held from Monday, May 11 to Friday, May 15.

This doesn’t mean you can’t buy your mother a gift card for Mother’s Day prior to the event, but this gives businesses time to sign up, and for some that have been closed, it gives them time to get ready for that week.

This is a great way to shop, eat, and enjoy Weyburn and surrounding area businesses. This isn’t just for Weyburn, as there are many surrounding businesses in the RMs and businesses within a one-to-two-hour drive that support the local economy. The site will be updated daily with new businesses, so keep checking back.

Check out the site, sign up your business or check out the businesses you would like to buy gift cards from.

Help promote the event on your social media platforms, website, text messages, email blast, or the old way of talking to people, but while social distancing.