Weyburn police vehicles disinfected as goodwill gesture

A Regina company with Weyburn roots decided to help out the Weyburn Police Service, to help keep their member officers safe while dealing with the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PuroClean made the goodwill initiative on Monday, as they came down and applied a long-lasting disinfectant agent to the interior high-touch areas of every vehicle used by the Weyburn Police Service.

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The gesture came about as owner-operator Greg Stephenson and his wife Dianne started the company up on April 1, but were not able to hold a grand opening due to COVID-19 — so the funds that would have gone towards the grand opening were put towards offering the sanitizing service to front-line essential workers.

These included an early learning centre in Regina, and a day care in Moose Jaw.

Stephenson grew up in Weyburn and is a friend of Const. Darcy Cleasby, so they had the idea of providing this service to the police department here.

After taking an ATP test (adenosine triphosphate), which showed the level of germs on high-touch areas like the steering wheel and interior door handle in a cruiser, they applied an ultra low-velocity fog of a disinfectant along with an agent that will seal it in place for up to a year.

They coordinated the service with the police department so they could switch out vehicles and not inconvenience the police members who were on patrol during the day Monday.