How to get your children into golf

One of the great things about golf is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’ve decided to introduce your children to the sport, here are three things that are likely to help them develop a passion for it.


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Choose the right clubs

Think twice before sawing down an extra set of adult clubs. While they may be the right length, they’ll be too stiff and heavy. It’s best to get children some junior clubs. When they’re starting, a small set with a couple of woods and a few irons is sufficient. Just make sure they’re light and easy to swing.


Don’t over-teach

Children should be allowed to find their natural swing. If you provide too many instructions, you risk making things overly complex and discouraging them. When you do offer pointers, it’s best to provide them by showing rather than telling. Most kids find visual instructions easier to understand than verbal ones.


In addition, try to make learning golf fun. A good place to start is by letting your children whack plastic balls in the backyard or taking them to play minigolf.


Relax the rules

Golf has a ton of rules, but it’s best to ease up on them if you’re playing with young children. Give kids plenty of mulligans and allow them to tee up on the fairway.


Also, note that 18 holes is too much for most children, and even nine holes may be pushing it. If your kids start to lose interest or get frustrated after five or six holes, it’s probably best to call it a day.


Finally, while you should prioritize making golf enjoyable for your children, you should also teach them how to behave on the course. Good golf etiquette for kids involves taking care of the course, respecting other players and having a good attitude.