How to improve as a golfer with better practice sessions

When it comes to time spent at the driving range, quality is more important than quantity. Here are some tips to maximize your practice sessions.


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Start by stretching

Before you begin, you should always stretch. This way, you’ll be looser when swinging and less likely to pull a muscle. Some key areas to focus on are your hamstrings, shoulders, wrists and back.


Practise the shots you hit most

Whether you decide to head to the driving range for an hour or want to squeeze in a 30-minute warm-up before playing a full round, your practice time is limited. Go to your session with a plan and be sure to allocate ample time to your short game. For most players, about two-thirds of their shots are within 100 yards of the hole.


Aim your shots

At the driving range, amateur golfers have a tendency to plant themselves on the practice mat and start letting shots rip. However, out on the course, every shot has to be targeted. To practise more effectively on the driving range, aim at specific targets.


Practise on the course

If you have the opportunity to play by yourself during an off-time, this is an ideal way to improve your game. Don’t be afraid to set aside the rules and hit two or three balls from the same position, as this is a great way to experiment with club selection.


Finally, if you’re struggling with your game, consider signing up for lessons with a golf pro in your area to get yourself back on track.