Three tips for golfing this season

Last year, it became clear that golf can be safely played during the pandemic if precautions are taken. Indeed, golf courses offer wide-open outdoor spaces where it’s easy for players to remain the appropriate distance apart. Golfers, however, need to be prepared for certain changes. If you plan to hit the links this spring, here are three tips for safely starting the season.


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1. Stock up on supplies

Many courses have removed water-filling stations and beverage carts, so you’ll need to bring your own drinks and snacks. Additionally, make sure to put a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag.


You’ll also need plenty of balls and tees. It’s best not to borrow from your playing partners.


2. Forego the cart

Walking is the safest option for getting around the course. Plus, playing a round of golf provides the perfect opportunity for you to exercise outdoors, which you may appreciate if you’ve been cooped up in the house all winter.


If you do take a cart, make sure it’s been sanitized. Also, you should only ride alone or with someone who lives in the same house as you.


3. Follow safety regulations

Familiarize yourself with the updated health and safety protocols for golf courses in your area. You may be asked to print your own scorecards at home, leave flagsticks in when putting and wear a mask in the clubhouse. Note that regulations may differ between clubs.


Fortunately, none of these changes will detract from the game. Stay safe, and have a great season!