Valentine’s Day trivia quiz

Test your knowledge with this fun Valentine’s Day quiz.


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1. What Italian city receives thousands of cards addressed to Juliet every Valentine’s Day?


            a. Rome

            b. Verona

            c. Venice

            d. Florence


2. In Canada, you can find Love (the village) in what province?


            a. British Columbia

            b. Alberta

            c. Saskatchewan

            d. Ontario


3. According to the Greeting Card Association, approximately how many cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day worldwide?


            a. 250 million

            b. 500 million

            c. 750 million

            d. 1 billion



4. What ancient pagan festival was once celebrated in Rome on February 14?


            a. Lupercalia

            b. Vestalia

            c. Brumalia

            d. Vulcanalia


5. According to historians, the first valentine love letter was written in 1415 by an imprisoned duke. What language was it written in?


            a. English

            b. French

            c. Spanish

            d. Latin


6. In the Middle Ages, what organ was associated with love?


            a. The heart

            b. The stomach

            c. The liver

            d. The kidneys



Answers: 1b, 2c, 3d, 4a, 5b, 6c