Women of the Year Nominees


LINDA AITKEN, nominated by Jan Linell, Maureen Clay and Pat May
Linda Aitken hasn’t just been a volunteer member of Weyburn organizations — she has been an active member! After setting goals she has worked to see results.

As a board member of the Triple C Centre, it took 24 years to see the results of their hard work and dedication when the Cugnet Centre was finally completed.

Linda has been a member of the Weyburn Concert Series for 20 years and is currently the President. News releases, meeting advertisers, honouring sponsors and performer hospitality are a few of the hats she has worn in this organization. As president, selecting suitable performances will be a priority.

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Linda joined the Weyburn Arts Council five years ago. She has helped organize the James Weir competition, hosted the artisan trade show called “Gifted”, as well as other Arts Council priorities.

Since her arrival in Weyburn in 1972, Linda has dedicated many hours to volunteer activities. She has been a volunteer member of many organizations. Linda is a worthy nominee for the M. Isabelle Butters Quota International of Weyburn Community Service Award.