Women of the Year Nominees



JOANNE FRASER, nominated by Norma Hewitt-Lendrum/SAMA Staff

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Joanne Fraser is employed as an Appraiser at the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA).

She began her career in 1987 as an Administrative Assistant. In 2007, she moved into an Assessment Assistant position and became an Associate Assessor in 2010. This position involves all the work of an assessor in the areas of assessing and analyzing residential and commercial buildings and properties. 

Initially in 1987, property records were kept on cards and calculations were done by hand or on a calculator. With the introduction of a computer database in the mid 2000s, Joanne worked as part of the team to get thousands of records input accurately and in a timely manner. The constant introduction of new programs and upgrading of existing programs since then has meant that Joanne has learned how to learn very effectively.

Throughout her time with SAMA, Joanne has been involved in the activities of her family including sports, yearly family ski trips and travelling. Her favorite activities now include her two favorite granddaughters.

Joanne knows assessment – she knows the codes, the rules, the how-tos and where to find the information that is not immediately available. She is willing to share this knowledge with her co-workers whenever the need arises.

She has been involved in the training of many of the present staff and all look to her as a mentor and role model. Joanne tackles any project with professionalism and attention to details.

Joanne is a wonderful co-worker who always has a smile on her face. She is an inspiration to all of us to work harder, to work better and to work co-operatively.