100 Kids Who Care raise funds for charity

100 Kids Who Care Weyburn met for the third time since launching in October last year. This time, the group met in the Souris school gym. To start things off, the families each painted their own flower pot which were donated by Prairie Greenhouse.

While the pots dried, the kids listened to three different groups give presentations about a charity they think the group should donate the money they raised to. Payton and Hannah Caldwell nominated the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Saskatchewan, Travis Benning nominated Inclusion Weyburn and Savannah Walker nominated the Souris School Project Love garden. 

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After the presentations were made, the kids took turns casting their vote and while the vote was being counted, the children filled their pots with dirt and planted a flower of their choosing. 

“We want the next generation to learn the importance of a giving mindset, to not be selfish, to think of others before themselves. The intent is that all the pots will be gifted and will make their way into the homes of others, and that the desire to be a part of 100 Kids Who Care Weyburn will grow from here,” said co-founder Natalie Gray.

Once again the children gathered to find out that the Ronald McDonald House Charity was voted to win the $606 the group had raised.

 Since starting, 100 Kids Who Care Weyburn has raised $1,966 with 120 members ages three to 15. The group will meet again in fall of 2019 and new members are more than welcome to join. To join visit 100kidsweyburn.com